Nowadays, corporate life takes place in ever more transparent surroundings, where potential users – financial sector, shareholders, investors, public, creditors and clients – seek trustworthy information.

Those users demand to be ensured credibility of information provided by companies and a guarantee that it is presented truthfully and completely.

With quality auditing work we add a fundamental value: TRUST.

It is in this framework that we are keen on valuing auditing and auditors also as a privileged consultant of organisations.

The auditing services are based on the growing need for greater control in administrative and accounting areas, especially in light of constant developments in the areas of tax and risk management.

Our auditing is subject to strict internal and external quality control, to ensure that our work meets the professional standards in conformity with the International Auditing Standards of IFAC.

MCA ensures to all clients, by themselves or through partners, rigorous and committed action in providing auditing services, with clear transparency as far as the credibility of information provided, so as to convey a truthful and appropriate image to all readers of information.

We provide services of:

  • Financial Auditing and Statutory audit
  • Auditing with specific aims
  • Auditing to fulfil contracts or standards
  • Auditing the public sector
  • Auditing funded projects
  • Auditing consolidated financial statements
  • Administrative and financial Support to micro- and SMBs
  • Financial management of micro companies and start-ups
  • Outsourcing/Business services
  • Accounting counselling
  • Preparation of financial statements based on different accounting standards
  • Consolidation of accounts
  • Computer processing of accountancy and preparation of periodic reports
  • Processing salaries